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SmartStart is owned and operated by Alexandra Buluc, M. Ed. SmartStart is licensed by the State of Washington and meets or exceeds all health and safety standards as required by the Department of Social and Health Services. 

Alexandra has a Master’s Degree in Education and years of elementary and preschool experience along with a deep passion for education. SmartStart is Alexandra's second preschool along with her other location, Tiny Miracles Preschool, located in Renton, WA. Alexandra believes well-designed preschool education programs produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and higher educational attainment. The SmartStart program is designed to develop the whole child, including social and emotional development and self-regulation. Alexandra’s program regularly assesses children’s learning and development to monitor how well they are accomplishing their goals.

Who Are We

"I don't even know where to start with how amazing Alexandra is. My children have been with her since she opened and I have gone out of my way to ensure that they stay in her care. She doesn't just watch the children in her care, she loves and educates them too (which is way more important!). The care she gives is incredible - she treats every child as an individual and strives to ensure that their voice is heard. She's absolutely incredible and I am thankful every day that I found her!"


                           Nikki Y.

    Alexandra creates a curriculum that engages and nurtures all aspects of a child’s development. This includes French, yoga, science, art, drama, social skills instruction, cooperative learning, special enrichment guests etc. Teachers facilitate play based and small groups learning as children move at their own pace through these activities. Our belief is that children are competent individuals who can construct their own meaning of their experiences. Teachers' role is to provide the opportunity for discovery and learning.


    When you visit SmartStart, you will find engaged and happy children who are led by loving and skilled teachers with experience in early childhood education. Children who still nap are provided a cot and nap space while children who do not require a nap work with the teacher in quiet activities. Children in their pre-kindergarten year also meet in pre-k activity groups daily during morning learning activities.

    How Are We Different

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    SmartStart is a small, 30 student, child care center offering an excellent play-based preschool program along with an individualized, enriching curriculum. The center's business philosophy combines the personal attention of a small, private preschool with the intellectually challenging education program of a learning center. SmartStart is a three classroom environment, ages 18 months and up, with a classroom ratio of 1 teacher per 6-10 children.

    Studies show that children benefit most when teachers engage in stimulating interactions that support learning and are emotionally supportive. Interactions that help children acquire new knowledge and skills provide input to children, elicit verbal responses and reactions from them, and foster engagement in and enjoyment of learning. National evaluations tell us that effective use of curricula focused on such specific aspects of learning as language and literacy, math, or socio-emotional development provide a substantial boost to children’s learning. For these reasons, SmartStart believes in offering high levels of instructional support while building confidence, competence and creativity in an environment that is safe, loving, encouraging and stimulating.

    "My son has been under Alexandra's care since he was 18 months old. It is very clear that she loves being with children and educating them.  She is full of energy and constantly working on providing an enriching experience for the kids. She also genuinely care about each child's overall  well-being. I am a first time mom and a full-time working parent and Alexandra has played a big role in ensuring my peace of mind during some stressful periods in my life, because I know my son is very happy and well cared for during the time I am away from him. If I ever have a second one, I would enroll him/her in the blink of an eye!"

                                                                                                                               Priya R.

    *Reviews are copy pasted from the SmartStart business profile on google.com and other business review websites.

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